Sharnee Thorpe is not only an incredible textile designer for many fashion labels, but she has also used her skills for her own creative project. Recently, we caught up with picnic enthusiast Sharnee to give you some inside knowledge about what inspires her, and the creative processes behind her beautiful label
Wandering Folk.

Who is Sharnee Thorpe?
I’m a 31 year old Textile Designer who grew up in the small Coastal town of Hastings point. After 8 years of living in cities and travelling I’m happy to be
back in a little beach cottage in my home town and spend my time between
Hastings and my studio in Byron Bay. I’m drawn to the wild elements of
nature, inspired by the golden years of the 70s and forever chasing the perfect
picnic spot.

Tell us a little about Wandering Folk.
Wandering Folk is a 4 year old lifestyle label born out of the love for camping,
we wanted to make high quality products, that are practical and are also
beautiful to look at. All our prints are hand drawn original artworks and
always have a story behind them, we like to bring fairytales to life.
We also want to inspire a beautiful way of living, we want to encourage
people to get outdoors and explore, picnics are all about bring people
together for special occasions or just to make an ordinary Wednesday
afternoon magical.

You design all the gorgeous patterns on your rugs, have you always
been a lover of drawing and creating?
Yes, I’ve always been creative since a very young age, my Grandma is an
amazing painter and I would spend hours drawing & painting with her. I
discovered Textile Design while completing a Cert 3 in Design and moved to
Melbourne to study a 3 year degree at RMIT. I’ve worked for well-known print
studio’s, designed prints for High end Fashion labels and worked in house for
some well-known swimwear labels, but what I love most is creating prints with
boutique labels and working on my own projects, that’s where my passions are.

You’re obviously a picnic enthusiast; talk us through your idea of an
ultimate picnic. 
I’m a sunset lover so my ultimate picnic would be on the top of a mountain
looking out at the most amazing view, with wine and a delicious cheese
platter watching the last rays of sun disappear surrounded by friends.

When do you feel inspired most?
When I’m in nature, camping in our van away from my computer with no
phone reception.

 Is there anything new on the horizon for you and for Wandering Folk?
We have some exciting new products in the works at
Wandering Folk hoping to launch at the end of the year, can’t wait to share
them with the world!

 What would be your advice to someone wanting to start their own
If your dreaming of starting a business, you must love what you do, because
it’s really hard work and if your passionate about it then you will succeed.

An array of beautiful Wandering Folk picnic rugs & cushions are available for purchase at our flagship store or online.

22 Christine Avenue, Miami, 4220 QLD.

Find Wandering Folk on Instagram ~ @wanderingfolk

Sharna Hupfeld