The Journey of Trader Trove

Here at Trader Trove we are passionate about all forms of art and expression; we believe our world would be incredibly dull without our creatives.

We are overjoyed that we can invite local artists to showcase their work and share with the wider community their stories, educating our customers about the process, the designs and the time behind each piece.

Trader Trove is the brainchild of Avalon Beban who felt inspired to create more than just a retail store, but a community space. We met with Avalon and during a sacred women's circle under the Trader Trove roof, Avalon passed the intention and business into my hands. My husband and I gratefully adopted Trader Trove as our own to become a leading heart-centred business that strives to support local and international artisans as a catalyst for self empowerment.

Together we design and work closely with our craftsmen and women across the globe, watching our designs transform into tangible items is quite special.  

We believe in the importance of slow living and taking time each day to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, finding moments of stillness and most importantly deciding to choose joy.  We believe that your home should be your sanctuary, when you walk in your front door you should feel softer, more relaxed and you should smile.  Every room has an opportunity to create a mood, using the senses combined with textures and colours you can use aesthetics to create a meaningful space that ultimately is an extension of who you are.  It is important that our family feels good when they walk in our door, that no matter what kind of day we have had when you walk inside our home, you will breathe a sigh of relief.

Much love,

Lisa and Jayd x