Here at Trader Trove we are passionate about all forms of art and expression; we believe our world would be incredibly dull without our creatives. We are overjoyed that we can invite local artists to showcase their work and share with the wider community their stories, educating our customers about the process, the designs and the time behind each piece.

The Trader Trove Difference


We are more than simply the home of stunning furniture and homewares; we create homes with heart.

We are a team who cares. We are passionate about what we do, how we do it, what footprint we leave on the planet and most importantly how we can give back...

Every aspect of our brand (and our products) is designed, created, and delivered with these principles in mind.

We are a trader for the conscious consumer, we do not mass produce. We truly believe in ethical business and strive to practice this in every moment of our operations.

We take every opportunity to give back to our community and help small businesses and artists to stay on their feet.



Homewares with Heart

We pride ourselves on housing only the finest quality brands that are aligned with our vision, mission, and general vibe.

We love finding 'hidden gems' that are either hand-crafted or artisan- designed - treasures you won't see in every other store; nor should they be.

Eco-friendly products and/or companies that give back to charities or communities make our hearts sing.

We also love supporting local products - especially those made by start-ups, entrepreneurs & artists, as well as larger companies that support our local economy and provide jobs within our local community.

Many of our furniture, homeware, clothing, giftware, and other lines are made from natural materials such as bamboo, rattan, recycled wood, ceramics, and linen.

Many also feature notes of natural, earthy colours, have a luxe vibe, and yet nod to the bohemian spirit.

Lisa & Jayd Maynard

This young power couple each bring colourful backgrounds and diverse skillsets to the business. True soul mates, the Maynard’s are both passionate about travel, the arts & interior design. Through trader trove, they've finally been able to combine these loves into one endeavour.

Being drawn to the joy of aesthetics that only a true aficionado can appreciate the couple work intimately with a global team of craftsmen and women to create stunning handmade pieces and value artistic integrity over mass production.

Head designer Lisa Maynard has designed a plethora of limited edition collections. These are derived by studying home environments with each unique piece individually named with purpose and intention. There is a story behind each design and every name. She loves creating spaces with purpose, intention and exploring the use of colour to influence each room, she likens this process with the act of choreographing a dance.

Their spare time is filled with family time, their goal is to live a simple life filled with love and laughter.

Much love,

Lisa and Jayd x