We've stocked Cedar + Stone inside our store for a couple of years now.
These beautifully crafted products are hard to keep on the shelf thanks to their gorgeous packaging and deliciously natural scents. It was an absolute pleasure interviewing Cedar + Stone, and learning more about their intentions and ethos behind their beautiful brand.
What is Cedar and Stone?
Cedar and Stone is a 100% Plant Based Skincare company with a firm ethos on
minimising harsh chemicals onto ourselves and into our environment.
The company is owned by women who are all united by a desire to see the skincare industry transformed. Our hope is for people to see ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ as normal, not as an alternative. Through this we have produced mindful home and beauty products utilising the finest quality ingredients, creating products which are both natural and luxurious.
How’d you come up with the idea, and how many people are apart of the Cedar + Stone team?
Four years ago, Kate had just had her third child and was struck by a growing
concern about the ingredients of many skin care products on the market. She was busy making natural products for both her children and herself when her sister Anna suggested that they bottle them and sell them at local markets. A simple range of products, face oil, body scrub, lip balm, toner and rose water, sold at markets was the humble beginnings of the now thriving brand. We now currently have 10 people on the cedar and stone team, we are incredibly lucky to have a supportive and hard working group of team members who love our brand as much as we do!
You launched in 2014, in Currumbin Valley – tell us about the changes and growth of your brand over the past 5 years.
Cedar + Stone has gone through a lot of growth over the past years, we have gone from a small business made in a kitchen in Currumbin Valley to a larger business which now stocks in retailers around the world. Our largest changes happened in 2016 when we were introduced to CVC Limited who eventually went on to invest in Cedar + Stone and have continued to help us grow and scale the business to further expand into overseas markets. We are so lucky to have a fantastic relationship with our VC firm, they support us in so many ways and are always available to chat whenever we need to bounce new ideas around. Receiving further investment into the company allowed us to really scale our operation so we could expand our product ranges, fulfill larger orders for retailers and begin to hire a larger team.
Can you tell us a little about the process behind making your plant-based skincare?
We put a lot of time and effort into making each and every one of our products.
From initial inception of a product idea we spend hours researching and examining every ingredient and all options to ensure the finished products are as natural and effective as possible. We want to ensure that the vision we have for the product comes through to our customers and they receive all the fantastic benefits nature intends from the beautiful ingredients we use in each item.
Making natural skincare is a hard processes and can take a lot of time and patience while you get each product right. Sometimes we work for months testing and retesting new samples of products until they are exactly how we envisaged them, fulfilling all our requirements and meeting the highest quality we expect. On any given weekday in our warehouse you can usually find a group of mums all working tirelessly while the kids are at school creating products which are clean and speak to your soul.
Why is creating vegan & cruelty free products so important?
This was a non-negotiable no-brainer for us when starting Cedar + Stone, simply put we love animals and will forever fight for the fair treatment of them in our world. We would never want to create a product which was harmful to any living being and we hope we can continuously do our bit to help make change around the world for driving cruelty free Skincare to be the normal standard.

Is your packaging at Cedar + Stone eco friendly, and recyclable? What should we do once we've finished using a bottle of our fave mist?
Absolutely! All our packaging are recyclable plastic bottles and we even have a fantastic new Luxe Range which all comes in glass. Our Mist bottles are a great bottle to keep on hand, you can refill these with your favourite facial toner or simply some water and a few drops of an essential oil blend you love for a quick spritz to refresh you throughout the day!
What keeps you inspired?
We are constantly inspired by nature, the change of the seasons and how this effects our skin. Most days you’ll find our team at the beach after a hard day’s work and this is where we best re-centre and find our focus for new products which people will love. We love to be inspired by Australian botanicals and indigenous superfoods that we can incorporate into our homes. Our natural botanicals here in Australia are so powerful and beneficial to our skin and home products that we want to celebrate these ingredients and highlight them as much as we can.
What’s your best seller?
Although our best seller seems to change with the seasons, overall our Calm Space Mist seems to be a yearlong favourite. This zesty and peaceful mist is the perfect companion for any home, it fills your space with a tranquil and refreshing energy and scent which will help calm down any chaotic environment.
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Sharna Hupfeld