Vintage Lamps & Unique Shades is a local, Gold Coast business founded and created by LaShay Muir. Her one of a kind lamps are bursting with personality and character and have influences of different periods of time. Lashay recently welcomed us into her home and made a lamp with a beautiful silver brass base, right in front of us! Please read on to get to know this inspirational woman, her talent and kindness are second to none!
How long have you been making lamps for and where did your initial inspiration to start this concept come from?
I began collecting fabrics and lamp bases around 10 years ago and put my first lamp together a year in. With encouragement from my now husband I realised my hoarding was getting out of control and I needed to start making. It simply began from a love of vintage retro florals, colour combinations & patterns, the shapes of vintage bases and a love of light that a lamp gives to a room. I've always loved creating and making spaces my own so this was a passion I was eager to pursue, I just needed a little push to do it.
Could you please explain to us the process of your lamp creation, from base to fabric?
At first I focused on 'Vintage Standard Floor Lamps' & large 'Drum or Barrel' lamp shades reminiscent of the 60's. Self taught, my first shades weren't great but with practice and a lamp in each room I improved. At the start I'd just recover lampshades, then I moved onto stripping back old lampshades for their frames and reused those to create my own. As I improved I moved onto buying my lamp rings & styrene in bulk. Inspiration would start with the base or fabric in my collection and I'd pair them together on what I felt was right.
What do you believe is your brand’s personality is?
My brands personality is, 'unique, individual, vibrant, colourful, and forever evolving.'

We know your bases are vintage and one of a kind.. Where do you source them?
I've sourced my bases from anywhere and everywhere really. Op shops, garage sales, gumtree, roadside, recycling centres, friends, family, eBay etc... I'm always on the lookout. If I see contemporary bases I love I purchase those and make my own shades to pair with it. It's whatever I'm drawn to and catches my eye really.

We have heard that you and your husband are a bit of a dream team. What part does he play in the business?
I met Aaron in 2006 and he just happened to be a sparky. He rewires and refits my vintage bases, helps me paint and sand back wooden bases. Az has been extremely supportive and really has helped me bring this little business to life. He is also extremely understanding of all the lamps and fabric that have taken over our little home. We are in the process of planning a renovation which will include a workshop.

You can really pick one of your lamps by the vibrant and fun shades. We are aware that you commonly use Tommy Bahama fabric - when sourcing material, what do you look for?

Anything that catches my eye. I'm obsessed with colour, pattern, print and texture.

Do you often make something that you find hard to part with? Approximately how many of your creations do you have in your home?
The bathroom is the only place in our home without a lamp. I love creating them but also happy for them to go to a new home or stockist to create more space on my bench to make more. I still get excited to see my lamps in a customers space or in the shop.
Do you have any crafty ways of using the excess material?
I began making hoop art at the end of last year to utilise my off cuts of fabrics. I couldn't stand to throw any of my pieces of fabric away so it's been great.
The fabrics make beautiful gift tags too.
How has the response been since stocking your lamps at Trader Trove?
Since stocking my lamps at 'Trader Trove' there's definitely been an increase of followers on social media and lovely comments made. It's the most gorgeous space for them to be in. I feel extremely lucky and very grateful as it gets my little business out there more.

Do you make custom orders?

Yes I do. I love putting together custom lamps or updating their bases with a custom made shade.
See more of LaShay's work and contact her for custom orders via her socials:
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