Our items have been created with so much love, and need to treated the same. From daybeds, to rugs, we recommend consulting us for each unique product care information. However, here are some general, must- do guidelines to keeping your wares in beautiful condition.

Rattan Care

Rattan, being made from the rattan vine is a natural product and should not be exposed to direct weather.

If you choose to have your rattan pieces on your balcony or outside, ensure they are undercover. If your item gets wet wipe down immediately as moisture can potentially warp these pieces if left unattended to.

Like with any natural furniture, having your pieces outside, exposed to salt air, rain and direct sunlight is going to wear your furniture more than if you were to have them inside with filtered light and out of the elements.

If woven rattan starts to unravel on your furniture, bundles of fine rattan tule are commonly available online we may even have some in store. Some pieces may require a light sand a re-coat with varnish. As damage or wear may be from various elements we recommend consulting a professional or doing a little research to find the right solution for you! 

Rattan furniture can last a lifetime, however you still need to protect your piece from direct sunlight and the elements. As rattan is a natural material it will deteriorate if left out in the weather. Sometimes splitting may occur due to dryness and this can be treated with tung oil. Another way to care for your rattan is to wipe it down with a damp cloth and apply a furniture wax

If the damage is beyond minor, check the directory for places in your area that fix rattan furniture.

Mould (or mildew) - Rattan / Timber

Mould are naturally occurring organisms and will grow on any surface where there is regular moisture. Because of its porous nature, mould are attracted to timber surfaces, particularly where the furniture receives insufficient sunlight. Mould needs organic matter – such as dust or dead skin cells etc – to thrive, so it's important to keep your furniture clean.

Mould can be removed with specialist cleaners, however if left to multiply, will ultimately require re-sanding and re-oiling to restore the rattan/ timber .

Because mould & mildew are naturally occurring substances, and depend entirely upon their environment for growth, mould or mildew damage is not covered by warranty.

Cactus Silk Care

Cactus silk is a handwoven natural fibre and is DRY CLEAN ONLY. 

Do not get any form of liquid on your cactus silk cushions, they are naturally vegetable dyed and getting them wet will most likely result in discolouration.

If you do get a mark on your cactus silk cushion, we suggest you take it to be dry cleaned. Please note that if damage or discolouration has already occured when the mark was made, dry cleaners will not be able to reverse it. 

Unfortunately we are not liable for any damages made to your cactus silk once they leave the store, unless seen as faulty so please try to keep good care of these delicate beauties.

Mould (or mildew) - cushions

Mould are naturally occurring organisms and will grow on any surface where there is constant moisture.

Our outdoor cushions are weather-resistant and can take a light soaking, but if they are constantly wet and out of the sun, mould will develop, as it does on any surface that is kept damp and out of sunlight. This mould can be removed with mould remover, however it will return unless the fabric is kept in a dry environment.

Outdoor cushions generally come with a water-repellent finish; however you can increase and maintain this finish by using a fabric protector such as Scotchgard. 

Wipe up any spills immediately before they get a chance to soak into the fabric and the cushion itself.

Most outdoor cushion covers can be removed and hand washed.

Because mould & mildew are naturally occurring substances, and depend entirely upon their environment for survival, mould or mildew damage is not covered by warranty. 


Handira Care

Handira pieces are vintage, often passed down through generations so it is only natural for them to have a few different quirks.

Although the silver embellishments are naturally prone to slightly rust and tarnish over time, try not to get handira's wet as they are certain to rust sooner and more dramatically.

Handira's are special pieces and should be kept out of harm's way. If you do happen get a mark your handira piece, we recommend lightly spot cleaning it with a mild natural detergent.


Rug Care

The majority of rugs we sell are vintage pieces so they may have a couple of unique characteristics due to their age.

We suggest spot cleaning rugs with a mild natural detergent or sensitive carpet foam and rotating them regularly if in direct sunlight. When looked after well these rugs will last many many years. If getting them professionally cleaned please reach out to someone who has experience with vintage and antique rugs. 

Direct Sun 

Australia's harsh environment will ultimately damage anything that is left exposed to the sun for long periods, including buildings, cars and furniture. In extreme conditions, rattan can start to deteriorate and will become brittle in as little as 12 months, if it is constantly exposed to the sun. We strongly recommend that your rattan furniture is either covered, or stored out of the sun when not in use. 

Bugs in the furniture 

Every now and again one of rattan/woods friends move in . The borer Bug these pesky little guys love to burrow in and eat the furniture. the tell tale signs are a dust pile under your furniture and there are 4 main species that can move in as-well, if this occurs there is a light at the end of the tunnel . 

Take you item out into the sunlight go into a local Bunnings and get a borer spray of concentrate and soak the area with a spray bottle ( Please read instructions on the label) give it a few treatments once you see no more dust bring back inside and enjoy.