Marcela and Kellie’s handmade Velas candles are a crowd favourite and forever have our store and our customers homes, smelling absolutely delicious at all times! We caught up with these two amazing local ladies, to find out why they started Velas, their process, what inspires them and more.
Please introduce yourselves and give us a little run down on when and why you started Velas?
Kellie and I worked together in retail fashion and we first started making candles in June 2017 to raise money for a major operation required by her beautiful labradoodle Norman. We were pleasantly surprised at how immediately popular they were but it was a chance meeting with the owner of Melbourne homewares store that gave us the impetus to take our hobby one step further.
What do you believe your point of difference is as a brand and what would you describe your brand’s personality as?
Velas candles are triple scented and the feedback that we receive from our clients is that our candles simply smell better than others they have tried.  All aspects of the process are Australian-made and our labels are made from recycled paper. We haven’t forgotten our love of animals either and with every candle sold, we donate $1 to the RSPCA. We have also made donations to causes that are important to us such as Sea Shepherd and Friends With Dignity.

Where do you draw inspiration from when creating your delicious smelling candles?
We have always enjoyed burning scented candles in our own homes so over the years we have both tried a lot of candles!  Some of our fragrances are classics but since we started making our own candles, we are very receptive to aromas and from there it is trial and error.  Mandalay was conceived after a visit to a spa where they had the most wonderful fresh lotus flowers in the rooms.  Not all of these ideas work however - I’m afraid you won’t be purchasing the lavender-scented Avignon candle any time soon!
What is the process you go through to make each of your candles and how long does  it take to make each batch?
Kellie is the candle-nazi!   I don’t dare divulge her secrets but let’s just say that she has been known to throw out an entire batch of candles because the wax didn’t set to her standards.

What are each of your personal favourite candles and why?
Marcela: Habana - amber & nutmeg is such an amazing combination.
Kellie: Mandalay - it was a great massage in that spa!
Since stocking your amazing candles in Trader Trove, have you noticed a positive response?
Trader Trove was the shop that we most wanted to stock our candles and is the perfect match for Velas. Almost all of our refills from the Gold Coast are from Trader Trove customers so we know that the girls in the shop understand what we are all about.

We are aware that you do refills on large size velas candles, which is awesome and super eco-friendly! How can customers go about getting refills?  
Just contact us via, send us your empty, jar and we will refill it for you.
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Avalon Beban