Sadly Queensland and much of Northern NSW has recently been devastated by bushfires affecting the homes of many including our precious native fauna. With such heartache and loss, it has been absolutely beautiful to witness the kindness and generosity of those pulling together not only in the local community but Australia wide.
In the past fews months over 190 registered as evacuees staying with friends, family and those in the local area that have opened there homes. Free fuel, meals and animal feed are among the supplies donated to those affected including the tireless volunteer fire fighters working in the Gold Coast hinterland, further west and south into Northern NSW. 
Whether you give a little or allot, anything counts in times like this!
Here at Trader Trove we are hosting a Community Event on the 5th of October to raise money for two very worthy charities.
We will have a Rack sale, Coffee Cart and a Monster Raffle with some amazing prizes that have all been donated by local brands and businesses. All proceeds from the raffle and rack sale fees will be donated as mentioned before to two amazing charities. CLICK HERE to purchase your tickets and keep reading to find out a little more about where your money is going! 
Wildcare Australia Inc is situated in South-East Queensland. Each year, volunteers rescue and care for some 5,000 sick, injured, orphaned and displaced native animals with the goal of returning them to the wild. Wildcare is a 100% volunteer based organisation and they provide training to our volunteers in all aspects of wildlife rehabilitation. They also aim to raise public awareness of Australia's unique wildlife and its diverse habitat requirements through community talks and education programmes.
Wildcare Australia Inc. Has also commenced a Nest Box Drive to raise money for possum boxes, glider boxes and bird boxes to replace the homes they have lost in the Gold Coast Hinterland bushfires. Thousands of wildlife has been displaced due to the disaster that unfolded just under 2 weeks ago. These animals will be homeless (some 300 species utilise tree hollows as their home) and Wildcare wish to provide residents with nest boxes that they can place in the trees around their properties for the displaced wildlife.
GIVIT -  During times of disaster and emergency, GIVIT Listed Ltd works with government agencies, local councils and not-for-profit organisations to identify the immediate and long-term needs of the affected community. Giving exactly what they need, where and when they need it most.
They MATCH what's needed! Visit there website to view exactly what is needed right now by people impacted by the bushfires. If you have an item on the list, GIVIT! GIVE your new or pre-loved quality items. Simply list your items on our virtual warehouse for organisations supporting people impacted by the bushfires, to see what's on offer and accept on their behalf. DONATE funds! 100% of money received will be used to locally purchase essential items as requested by support organisations. 
Enter our raffle for your chance at winning 1 of 5 absolutely gorg prizes with 100% of the profits heading to the charities above (its the gift that keeps giving). 
If you have any further questions about these amazing people doing amazing things check out their websites and socials like, follow, donate and share the love!
Wildcare Australia Inc.
Instagram  @wildcareaustralia
Instagram @givit_aus
Facebook @givit
 Images: Hinze Damn @Gold Coast Bulletin 
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