Wild Search Australia was founded in 2015 by Wildlife Ecologist, Environmental Conservationist and Nature Tour Guide, Caitlin Weatherstone. Caitlin grew up locally in the Northern Rivers of NSW and has extensive knowledge of local flora and fauna, as well as over 12 years experience in nature tour guiding, bushwalking, working with animals & children, hosting events, environmental conservation, campaigning and wildlife/ecological sciences.
What moved you to start Wild Search? and how would you describe what you do? 
I get to see first hand the negative impact humans are having on the planet such as plastics, land clearing, introduced species and loss of biodiversity. I started my business as a means to connect people back to nature, for their general wellbeing as well as for the wellbeing of the planet. There's a great quote by Baba Dioum that "we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand and we will understand only what we are taught". I do this in two ways through Wild Search Australia; I facilitate nature connection and rewilding workshops and I also hand make and sell natural body products with a focus on Australian grown and native ingredients.
We have your Toothpowder and deodorant in store and love that they are in reusable or biodegradable packaging, why is this important to you?
It was really important, actually vital, for me to create products that wouldn't have a negative impact on the planet! It is my goal that they would, in fact, have a positive impact through awareness and education of natural, local Australian body products. I didn't want to create more 'stuff' in the world. There are two types of packaging used; biodegradable cardboard push-up sticks for lip balm and deodorant and recyclable/ reusable glass jars with aluminium lids for tooth powder, body scrub, deodorant and body balm. Businesses should all be responsible for their products 'end of life'!
What have you found challenging on your plastic free journey in life and business? and how have you found solutions? 
For my business, it was actually very easy, although a lot of research, to be completely plastic-free. The only thing that's tricky is when my suppliers forget and accidentally send their packages with plastic fill or bubble wrap to me. I have to politely let them know that there are alternatives available now! I hold on to all the plastic I've accumulated and I'll recycle or reuse it down the track. Personally, I am definitely not perfect but I do sacrifice a lot of luxuries just because they're in plastic. Once you've committed to having a largely single-use plastic free lifestyle, your brain just instantly says 'no' to a lot of things - like pre-packaged food and sweets - and it changes the way you view everything you buy. I'm lucky to live in Byron Bay where there are a lot of alternatives out there, like bulk food stores, but it is difficult when I travel for work or am hiking in a remote place. You just have to be really prepared! And at the end of the day, if the only food to eat is wrapped in plastic and from a big supermarket chain, then I just eat it and don't beat myself up about it. That's important too, to realise that you do your best and that's all you can do; be kind to yourself in the process!
Explain "rewilding" and the intention behind it? 
Rewilding was originally a term used to describe 'rewilding' large tracts of landscape that had been cleared or had lost biodiversity. For example, introducing native predators like quolls back into ecosystems in Australia that they became extinct from is rewilding that ecosystem. Rewilding can also be used in terms of 'rewilding' the human psyche, or inner landscape. Getting back to our roots and remembering that we too are animals. We're intricately connected to other animals, plants, fungi, the climate, water, the moon, the ocean, Earth's soil and microorganisms etc. Modern humans have largely been removed from nature and natural systems, which has caused so many problems in our societies including mental health and children's development, to name just a few. The remedy for this is to spend as much time in nature as possible - walk barefoot, listen to birds, go to the beach, learn traditional skills using natural materials, be self sufficient and grow your own food, work outdoors and take quality time out from your phone and other tech. 
You are doing a workshop here at Trader Trove on the 5th tell us a little more about Wild Search workshops and what to expect?
Yes, very excited about this one! I'm running a DIY Body Products Basics Workshop from 10am - 12pm. In this one, we'll chat about the modern beauty industry and why it's so great for your body and the planet to switch to sustainable and ethical products! And it's very easy to make your own at home with basic ingredients; I'll teach you how. We'll make 6 different products from tooth powder to deodorant and body scrub (and more) which you can all take home with you. I will also gift you a transcript of the workshop, including the recipes! This Workshop is great for adults as well as accompanied children over 12 years old. 
We love working with such amazing brands and are so proud to have your products here in store, whats in the plans for the future of Wild Search?
I am so happy to be a part of the Trader Trove family! I have a big focus on local communities in the Northern NSW and SE Queensland region and would love to expand my range of nature connection workshops and body products using different Australian native plants that are local to our region. I'm also available to run custom workshops for small groups (10-30 people) including for Hens Parties, Women's Circles, Teen & Children groups, Students and Corporate groups. I just really want to keep spreading the message of how nature is so important for all of us! Contact me at gday@wildsearchaustralia.com.au

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Learn about the downfalls of modern body products and why it's important to go natural? learn the skills required to make your own products at the Wild Search event here at Trader Trove - Click here for tickets and info.

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