Last week we spoke to the gorgeous Annie Tarasova & asked her a few questions about her love of the universe, what inspires her and how her journey through DreamyMoons began. 

1. We know you started a Health Science / Naturopathy degree at University, what was it that made you change direction? Was there a lightbulb moment for you? A little push from the Universe?
I have always been a creative person, but the reason why I went to study my second passion rather than my first, was my fear of competition in the art and design field. However, after 2 years of studying, I felt that I was losing touch with my creative side. Something was missing. Whilst still at University, I put up some of my art prints for sale on Etsy, purely to motivate me to create. I thought to myself: if people like my art, then I will actually have motivation and a bigger purpose to paint again. After just a few months, my business took off and I found myself spending more time painting than studying. I realised I was already doing what I always dreamed of. That is when I decided to take a break from my studies, and then my plans changed from taking a break to officially quitting and pursuing my number one passion - art.

2. Have you always had a knack for painting, drawing and creating? 
Yes, funnily enough, when I was 4-8 years old my main hobby was making my own little books - I would make up stories and illustrate them and staple the pages together. I always had a vivid imagination and a strong urge to create from scratch. Now when I create I feel a strong connection with my inner child. I am grateful for my Mum for encouraging creativity in my early years.
3. When did your love for the Universe begin?
I grew up in the Russian country side, and that is where I believe my love for the Universe began. I spent my summers running around barefoot, making magical potions from dew drops and rose petals, reading endless fairytale books and collecting wild blueberries in lush forests. At the time I didn’t realise how powerful my connection to nature was. Now that I look back on this time I realise it was very special. We didn’t have phones or internet there, I just had my bike, my imagination and beautiful forests to explore. 
4. How do you keep in a creative headspace? 
Thankfully for me it is quite easy to get in my creative flow, as I constantly have new ideas running through my mind that I want to bring to life. However, what definitely helps is being on my own when I create, listening to calm slow music and going for walks in nature.
5.  What inspires you most?
The moon, nature, cosmos, our minds and the way each human is connected to the world around it - to the Universe. 
 6. How do you cope with such a large following? It must be so cool knowing that your artwork has reached, and touched so many lives.
It is definitely amazing knowing that so many souls around the world are enjoying what I create. It's uplifting, inspiring and very motivating. It used to slightly overwhelm me knowing that I am expected to constantly put up content on social media whilst also working on other projects behind the scenes until I’m ready to share them (such as books), however I now learned to transform that feeling into motivation and to freely express myself and my journey on social media.
 We sell some of your gorgeous Affirmation Cards here at Trader Trove.. what is your favourite Affirmation?
The Affirmation Card Deck is definitely one of my favourite projects to date. My favourite affirmation is: "I am a vibrational match of all that I desire”.
 8. What is your fave work you've ever created and why?
It always changes, but at the moment it’s my Manifest Book - a fully handwritten and illustrated guide to manifestation. I’ve always dreamed of creating something fully handwritten and hand painted, that almost feels like a scrapbook and has a personal feel to it. I think I love it so much because it also reminds me of the books I used to make in my childhood. 
9. Talk us through one of your New Moon Rituals?
New Moon is all about setting intentions. My favourite thing to do on a New Moon is to meditate and journal. I create a comfortable, calm space, light some incense, and allow myself to be fully present. Through meditation, I empty my mind, open my heart and get clear on what I want to achieve. I figure out what my goals are and what intention I need to set. After meditation I open up my notebook and write all that comes to mind. After I create a to-do list and set some plans and goals for the next few weeks.
10. Can you tell us about anything new and exciting that you're currently working on?
Yes - I recently released a 2020 Year of Growth planner which I am very excited about, and now working on 2020 lunar calendars and a range of blank notebooks to release before the year ends.

Sharna Hupfeld