With all the amazing inspo pics online of rattan furniture set pool side or amongst lush tropical gardens, it can be tempting to create your very own little rattan wonderland in your backyard.


Unfortunately, both sun and rain are like kryptonite for rattan.

When you buy an investment piece from us, we aim to ensure you enjoy the best possible quality for as many years as possible.

It would be a tragedy if your beautiful investment piece were to be ruined by the elements!

Prevention is better than a cure.

Even though rattan is a natural fibre, you might be surprised to learn that you should always keep it indoors and only exposed to filtered light.

Too late? Don’t panic!

Here are a few tips to return your rattan to its former glory…


The Trader Trove Rattan Collection is 100% handmade using traditional weaving and binding techniques. Extreme heat and humidity from outdoor exposure may cause it to expand and contract and eventually unravel.

If this occurs, we suggest sourcing some rattan tulle from a craft store (ensuring it is the same diameter as your existing strands) and consulting a furniture restoration specialist to have it professionally re-woven. (The cost of this will likely be less than investing in quality, new items!)


Never place heavy items on your furniture, always tie cushions loosely and avoid both sun and water to prevent your rattan from tearing or cracking.

If a crack does appear, apply linseed oil with a soft brush, completely covering the crack and allowing the oil to soak in. Keep repeating this process until the oil can no longer soak in, then dab any excess with a clean cloth.


Try your best to prevent mould by keeping your items in a warm, dry and well-ventilated position. Dust regularly. Avoid moisture, as it can warp rattan, which must be thoroughly air-dried after getting wet (this can take several days).

Unfortunately, even with the best of care, mould still has a way of creeping in sometimes – especially in coastal areas. If it does, scrub any spots with an old toothbrush and a mixture of oil of cloves (Always spot test first in a small unseen area.) Use a soft cloth to rub down the rest of the furniture. This will eradicate that ‘dank’ smell and prevent further spores from growing. Wipe down with clean water and pat dry with paper towels. Do not use the furniture until it is completely dry. Use a hair dryer to ensure the item is completely dry, you do not want to leave it wet.

Please note: Due to the delicate handmade nature of our rattan products, we are unable to offer a warranty period on these items.