Style Edit  –with Head Designer Lisa Maynard


We are obsessed with the tantalising boho style as it continues to make a resurgence within interior design trends.  The free-spirited bohemian nature is mirrored within interior boho styling drawing from a relaxed and eclectic lifestyle. What we love most about this interior styling choice is the relaxed structure, individual personality, eclectic flair, and style inspiration from mid-century, vintage vibes.  Still not quite sure how to implement this fun bohemian look? If you're already a boho enthusiast or you are experimenting with this fun style we have created our top 7 boho-chic styling tips to help you get inspired.


  1. Avoid dark, dull colour. Instead add warmth with accessories using orange, yellow, gold, or neutral. Keep it fresh, soft, and playful.
  2. The second rule for a successful boho look is to add Vintage or Mid-Century occasional pieces for that boho flair. A signature woven accent chair will add character.
  3. Calling all plant lovers, indoor plants are essential! Can you ever have too many plants? Not only do they add vibrancy to a room, but plants also improve air quality.
  4. Consider your lighting choices, add a unique lamp in a corner to brighten up your space, or soften the room with a rattan light pendant. Create the desired ambience with understated lighting. Rattan table lamps, pendant lights or lanterns in distressed wood or vintage shades in a variety of shapes and styles will enhance the overall space. 
  5. Next focus on layers, once you have established the main pieces of furniture, add layers with cushions, throws, and rugs. Colourful rugs, warm wood tones, cushions in different shapes and sizes, and mixed materials will imbue that bohemian lifestyle.
  6. Textures make a room feel cosy, and complete, while engaging the senses. Tapestries, vintage bottles, maps, or mismatched china, plants, woven baskets, vases, wall hangings, throws, mirrors, screens, and macrame are classic ways to add texture for Bohemian styled rooms.
  7. Soft Furnishing Colours – consider the mood, add soft pinks for a modern feminine boho style, bright oranges for a fun and retro vibe, consider patterns, organic and natural art, or wall décor to paint a picture reminiscent of your style, personality, and vibe.


Lisa believes the home is an extension of your personality, a place you feel inspired and at peace from the moment you step inside.   Remember whatever boho style you desire surround yourself with things that uplift your spirit.

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Lisa Maynard