We are seeing the emergence of an elegant vintage vibe dawning in 2021 with socially conscious purchases with muted pastels and statement golds. Influenced from days spent in lockdown together we have fundamentally transformed how we live and work, fostering spaces with more curves and warmth as we seek to recharge and re-connect. 

The trending grandmillennial style cottagecore invites softer, earthy tones, selecting organic and sustainable fibres as we seek comfort with the transcending elements of nature #grannychic. 

We continue to see a surge of ocean blues enhancing bold and timeless trends of bohemian wonder alongside soft champagne neutrals, luminous golden hues, cool and calming greens that emulate wellness alongside our house plants. 

The popular light rattan woods continue to inspire us with accents of nature and minimal design elements that suit the popular pottery barn vibes of the 90’s and the style #grannychic as romanticise about slow living, meadows and all things handmade. 

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Much love
Lisa x