Concrete Lane was created and established right here on the Gold Coast by
qualified builder Brad Hartwig, along with his life long partner, wife Emma.
Tell us a little bit about your journey in the creative world?
Brad has always had phenomenal artistic talent in creating pieces of art that can be used as functional designer furniture. Following a career in construction both domestic and commercial for 26 years, Brads passion was to design and create his own custom bespoke range of innovative products that would deliver luxury, durability whilst still being a practical concept for home design.
When was Concrete Lane created, tell us about it!
We started out our very humble beginnings in a small work shed in Cudgen Northern N.S.W. Which has rapidly grown into a successful full time innovative new business.
What is your intention behind Concrete Lane?
Our intention has been to create luxurious hand made products that not only look aesthetically beautiful in your home, but also serve a purpose. All our products are proudly made in Australia and hand made to order.  We favour an eco conscious approach in the design and creation of our concrete concepts.
Is concrete the only material you use whilst creating?
As well as designing and creating one-off furniture pieces made from concrete, Brad also is an experienced hand with all aspects of Venetian plastering. Our Italian Venetian plasters are imported direct from Italy and of the most luxurious quality.
How do you choose your colour palettes?
We are inspired by the classic colour palette of Santorini and the modern coastal tones of Morocco.
Where can we see your new designs and follow your journey?
Stay tuned as we prepare to launch brand new designs and services throughout 2021 You can follow our journey on Instagram @concretelane
You can find an array of gorgeous Concrete Lane pieces for purchase here at our flagship store!
22 Christine Avenue, Miami 4220