Period, Rags, Monthlies, Aunt Flow, “Time of the Month” whatever you want to call it, women from as young as 9 start their menstrual cycle. This means that the average woman endures around 456 periods over 38 years, which is roughly 2,280 days or 6.25 years of her life. We all have different feelings attached to this cycle (especially if your a man reading this) but......

Have you ever thought about the money you spend on sanitary items? Or about the impact on our environment? 

The Average woman uses 12,000- 16,000 menstrual pads and tampons in her lifetime. In Australia alone 18,000 metric tons of metric waste goes into landfill which takes 500 years to breakdown. Just how much does your period set you back over your lifetime? Taking into account pads, tampons, pain relief, birth control, new underwear and of course chocolate, and we’re guessing it’d be around the $19,000 mark. (think of what you could do with $19k? Holiday to the Maldives anyone?)

If you know better do better hey? Well we are trying! You may have noticed Trader Trove is growing and evolving we are slowly exploring a new vision - which includes working towards reducing our impact on this earth. 

We are so excited to be stocking Modibodi - An Australian company, founded in late 2013 by Kristy Chong, MODIBODI, provides women all around the world with access to reusable and sustainable women’s and teen briefs. From periods to sweat, bladder leakage and incontinence. Empowering women to have the confidence to get on with life, whatever their challenge, while also reducing their impact on the environment (by reducing disposable personal hygiene products).  

So how does it work? its actually very cool - watch the video below

Anything new is a little scary! We get it! After using pads and tampons for years that the thought of just letting it all flow seems like crazy talk. 

I opened up a conversation with some lovely ladies in our community about ModiBodi Period undies and other alternatives - It was actually so refreshing to discuss menstruation and hear different opinions and candid questions. 

With those questions lets ask two of our Trader Team who have made the switch!

Avalon, Founder of Trader Trove, Energetic Healer and mother of 2 gorgeous boys.


 Sharna, Trader Trove's ray of sunshine Marketing Manager and Owner of Swimwear Label Salté.

 Why the change to Modi Bodi period undies?

Avalon: I had never considered switching from tampons and guess it was just a habit of cultivated since being a teen and uneducated. I have always suffered with pain and long bleeds so when a friend suggested that my symptoms may be caused by them I wanted to try an alternative. I switched to pads and found instant relief! I couldn't believe it actually! I’ve been looking at ways to be more sustainable in all areas of my life so instantly looked for an alternative to using many pads each cycle  and after researching online found Modi Bodi!

Sharna: Imagine this. Working your ass off each week, to save some money... and then using that hard earned money to purchase pads and tampons that we literally bleed on and throw in the bin. After researching the amount of money each woman uses on sanitary products in their lifetime I said cya to tampons and pads, and created a passionate love for Modi Bodi, and the menstrual cup!

Before converting to Modi Bodi what was your sanitary item of choice?

Avalon: Tampons and pads as I would need both because my cycle was long and heavy. I tried the cup too but found it messy and uncomfortable.

Sharna: Tampons during the day & pads at night. 

What type of Modi Bodi period undies did you buy and why?

Avalon: I bought a mix of the high waist intimates and 1 x boy legs to try something different. 3 x heavy flow and 2 x light flow in total.

Sharna: I purchased the Classic Bikini (max absorbency) in black & the Sensual High wasted bottom (moderate absorbency) in beige. 

Lets talk about the fit? does it feel like you are wearing spanx? and would you say true to size?

Avalon: love the fit! Super comfy, lovely fabric and true to size.

Sharna: The fit is amazing! They just feel like normal undies with a little extra padding. I would say they're true to size, yep!

How do they feel? damp? uncomfortable? Bulky?

Avalon: I was immediately so surprised that they are not bulky at all, nothing like having a huge pad in your undies. I was even doubting they would work as I just felt naked wearing them!

Sharna: I guess it depends on how much you bleed, but mine weren't damp. I mean, if you're a heavy bleeder & they felt damp you could always just swap during the day. I didn't need to though! Other than that they are super comfy! Comfier than all the other sanitary products that's for sure. 

Tell us about the washing process?

Avalon: I immediately rise them when I take them off or just hand wash and hang so they are dry and ready for the following day unless of course I’m out where I just take a bag to pop the used ones in and change to a fresh spare pair which I  take with me.

Sharna: After wearing mine all day, I rinsed them in the shower,  hand washed them with some mild soap & let them dry outside. Good to go again! Yipee!


What would you say to the ladies contemplating but maybe a lil nervous about making the switch? 

Avalon: Try them! You have nothing to lose! Even if you use tampons, a cup or have heavy discharge the Modi Bodo product is so versatile, sustainable and feels like a gift for my body every cycle. Honouring the flow is more then just awareness. My cycle went from a painful 14day mess to a now 4 day healthy joy. No joke, Modi Bodi has totally changed my life!

Sharna: Do it darls! It's not gross! It's better for the bank, the environment, and your body. What have you got to lose?

We have a size range of all the most popular styles of ModiBodi in store!

If you a curious and want to know more follow the link below.

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