It has been two weeks since our last goddess gathering, which fell on Easter Sunday. The space was set out with colourful Moroccan rugs and pillows for the group to sit on, in a circular formation. Candles dreamily lit the centre of the circle; surrounded by crystals, flowers, shells and Oracle cards.

The evening began with insightful words by Trader Trove’s founder, Avalon. She discussed femininity: how it is written about in ancient times and how it has evolved through history, how far we have come and the exciting changes that are in the very midst of occurring. That every soul, male and female have both feminine and masculine qualities and energies within them; yin and yang, equally as important and valid as each other. Avalon led the group into conversation by talking about her own experiences with femininity and her intentions for the evening.

Avalon’s beautiful sister Emma, then shared with the group a delicious warm blend of cocoa, cardamon, cayenne pepper and other spices, that she collected on her recent trip to India. After the drinks were passed around, the group shared their personal intentions following on from Avalon's introduction. This sharing experience was nothing short of magic. Each member around the circle was able to share their thoughts, to a group of like-minded individuals, free from judgement or interruption. Despite being a room full of mostly strangers, everyone was able to participate in this meaningful conversation and were given undivided attention and genuine interest whilst speaking; an opportunity that does not happen regularly enough in day to day group conversations.

The last forty-five minutes of the two hour event were spent in a guided meditation, channelled by Avalon. If you are anything like me and your mind is forever running a million miles an hour and find it very hard to switch off to meditate. Guided meditation makes this process so much easier. In general, Goddess Gatherings are a great way to reflect on how you have been feeling, release tension and anything that is no longer serving you and switch off from stress, routine and technology for a couple of hours.

Avalon plans to host these nights in Trader Trove once a month. The next event is Sunday May 19th. Reserve your space for our next Goddess Gathering - focused on 'Abundance'.

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Avalon Beban