You know when you come across an artist that's so perfect that you instantly start searching your house for spare walls? That’s what we did when we found the wonderful Thea Skelsey. Based on the Gold Coast Thea represents slowly made, hand painted pieces. Read on for a quick little Q&A with the girl herself!

Tell us a bit about yourself
A graphic designer by trade, I spent 5 years moonlighting as an artist before finally taking my practice full time. It wasn’t until returning home from my second escape abroad that I gave in to what was making me really happy, making art. Now my days are filled with creating, being inspired by nature and the ocean, what I do puts a massive smile on my face everyday. 

Talk us through how you have developed your style to what it is today? Have you always worked with fabrics?
My graphic, bold style came from my love for this kind of design. It always been drawn to fonts, block colour and white space. My first piece was painted while living in Amsterdam. I picked up some material and a set of paints from an op shop and painted a quote in block letters from the book I was reading, then painted a gift for a friend, and the whole thing evolved from there! My subject matter has evolved with my situation in life. I paint according to my surrounds and feelings, still on fabric! 

What’s your favourite  part of the creative process?
I love the feeling of there being something missing, it keeps me moving forward. I will create a piece, love it, but immediately want to push the next one further. 

When you’re in the studio, what are you listening to?
My studio at Mint Art House is full of 13 other amazing artists who are always taking over the speaker. If I really need to zone out I’ll throw the headphones on and listen to an audio book - I can work for hours straight with a good book to listen to (HA! nerd) 

Was there a piece that you just didn't want to part with? If so, what was it?
I have some orange, offset circles on a rounded flag that has  moved to a few different houses with me. Somehow it fits everywhere I go.

Do you have a dream art project?
I want to see my designs as prints in the fashion world. I see myself moving towards functional objects alongside my wallhangings. 

What’s on the horizon for Thea Skelsey?
I have just started a new body of work, creating wall hangings materialising current stories of our time. Follow the process on my instagram. 

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Sharna Hupfeld