Seed & Sprout an epic business making a real difference to our environment.  Founded by the lovely Sophie Kovic in Byron Bay just a few years ago. Sophie was inspired to start this forward thinking brand seeing a need for plastic free and fussy kid friendly products when her son started school. She has created products that bridge the gap between the ideal and action. Eco friendly products made for the everyday person. 
"My vision for Seed & Sprout is to create a useful company that makes tools for the everyday person. Tools that help you make healthy choices, easily." 
Reducing reliance on single-use plastics is a goal for most of us and Seed & Sprout products make this journey so much easier (and more stylish). Our favorites are the Stow Set - a selection of glass and bamboo storage containers, the containers are oven (lid off) and dishwasher safe. The Reusable Clear Wrap Set - an awesome sustainable swap to plastic wrap/glad wrap and you can use it as baking paper *Mind Blown*.
Here at Trader Trove we are absolutely in love with Seed & Sprout and the conversations that these products have opened up! It warms our heart to hear our customers share there little eco hacks and sustainable swaps. (please please feel free to share when you are in store next!)
We are all on this journey together and are so excited to be joined by epic brands like Seed & Sprout.
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Kate Middleton