Combining art, activism and mindfulness to inspire meaningful change, Montana Lower is certainly creating a flower filled path to a better world. We had the pleasure of working with the beautiful Montana / Murals for Change back in July. We wanted to connect with Montana to learn more about the journey and inspiration behind Murals for Change. Read our Q&A below..
What is your intention behind Murals for Change?
To paint a better world. To inspire hope and creativity when addressing the problems we face from day to life, and ultimately - to inspire joy.

Have you always been a creative person driven by
togetherness and community?
In a way, yes. I actually come from a very scientific background as I was an engineer for 4 years before starting to paint murals. My intention with engineering was to shake up the game and to create things that no one had ever seen before.. There was a lot of politics involved though - i decided I would just paint the world I wanted instead. Turns out it's a lot easier and a lot more fun, haha!
How do you come up with a mural design?
Who we work with is really important to me to be able to channel authentic creativity. I love to work with avalue aligned people who care about their impact on the world - in whatever way feels called to them. With this as the base line, I love to get to know the client and take inspiration from what makes them tick & heart burst. Sounds a bit weird but I'm really sensitive to energy in the space around me, so spending time wherever I'm painting can really help boost creativity. I never really have a plan, I feel things are much more authentic when you just create a skeleton and let the rest flow.

How do you choose your colour palettes?
From the space around me! I feel like murals are a constant practice of following intuition and readjusting your minds eye.

Do you have a happy place? If so, where?
Oh I have many... But the one I love the most is the one inside my head. Meditation is a brilliant thing.

What are you listening to while you paint?
I made a playlist when i first rediscovered my love for painting. I was living in a fairy cabin the hinterlands of byron bay and it was just me and my paint brush most days - oh, and the birds and plants outside.. I called it floating fairy playlist and it always transports me back to that place.
What’s your favourite part of the creative process?
The doing part! Everytime I start a painting, I joke (but not really) that I have no idea what I'm doing. Then I dip that brush in paint and put it to wall and the rest is a blur. I lose myself in it.. It's transfixing.
I also really love talking to people as I paint and seeing the sparkle of inspiration in their eyes. I love to look at my murals like little pieces of my heart that can float away to whoever needs it. 

Please tell us where all of your murals are, we’d love to visit.
Oh we've got a few around now! Mostly around the Byron Region. You can have a look at our completed projects on our beautiful new website here 
Do you have any exciting plans for the future that you can tell us about?
We've actually just started monthly online art workshops! We did our first one last month and sold out overnight. It was incredible to connect with over 200 mostly women all around the world to inspire creativity, joy and exploration.. My favourite feedback was hearing how safe and held everyone felt even though it was essentially an online room of strangers. I think that's what happens when you connect a bunch of like minded people - it becomes a global meditation.
We've expanded our intake to allow more people to join us and there are still a couple of spots left. This month we're collaborating with Save The Bees Australia!
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