The Quirky Cup Collective - Flower Press


  • The Quirky Cup Collective - Flower Press
  • The Quirky Cup Collective - Flower Press

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Are you a flower lover who can't help but pick flowers from the sidewalk when you're out for a stroll? Do you have a garden overflowing with flowers you'd like to keep a tad longer? Or maybe you'd like to be able to preserve some flowers from a special occasion!? Whatever your reasons are, pressing and preserving flowers is an amazing and fun way to rediscover your inner child and to slow down and connect with yourself and nature. 

Cutely packaged in a cotton drawstring bag, this wooden flower press makes flower pressing super dooper easy! As a 'budding' Presser myself (pun intended), 20x20cm is the perfect size! And with 8 layers for pressing, there is heaps of room for you to press your botanical beauties. Even if you're new to the whole pressing-flowers-thang, the 'Flower Magic' Flower Press comes with a cute little instruction guide to help you achieve the best results for your flowers and foliage!

So whether it's for a special gift, if you want to add a little somethin' floral to your home, or if you just want to rediscover this beautiful hobby as an adult, I promise that this flower press will bring you closer to nature and bring a little spark of joy when you preserve some botanical magic!

Ps. Wood has been left untreated so you can personalise with paint or varnish! 

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