Self-Alchemy School Gathering ~22nd February 2020


Let’s gather for…

Self-Alchemy School

We as modern alchemists, realise that the journey of purifying base metal into gold is an inner one.  An inner journey of Self-Realisation.  Realisation of who we truly are and have always been.

In these gatherings I will hold sacred space for us to alchemise into more of our True Self with…

breathwork + meditation + guided journeys
ritual + ceremony
magick weaving + spell casting
crystal + toning sound healing
ancient-future practical and mystical teachings
sharing + connection
you will be given practical and powerful processes that can be easily mastered by YOU, to bring into your daily life.

This is a Soul to Soul calling to the sisters and brothers who are to heed the call.
Self-Alchemy School is open.
All that is here is available and accessible to ANYONE.  To You.
And given you are here.  Now.
From my heart to your heart,
from my Soul to your Soul,
from mySelf to yourSelf
I invite you in.

Learn more about Self-Alchemy School here.

Wednesday 12 February 2020
at Trader Trove, Miami

Tickets: Purchase here

These gatherings will have only 11 seats in circle.  Once all tickets have been sold, this event will show ‘Out of Stock’.