Goddess Gathering


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Conscious Connections - Goddess Gathering

‘True essence’ 

Join Avalon and fellow sisters in circle creating a sacred container to celebrate all that we are; our own unique expressions of the sacred feminine.

Honouring our truth and letting go of limiting beliefs and perspectives that no longer serve our highest purpose. Creating space to receive balance and harmony through an activation meditation to embody our ‘true essence’  creating limitless joy, abundance, power and creativity to flow.

When: Sun 21st April 2019 (This potent date is Easter Sunday)

Where: Trader Trove

Time: 6-8pm

Please wear warm, comfortable clothing. Bring anything soft that you wish, including a yoga mat and or pillow. 

Avalon is an channel and alchemist whom is passionate about women’s work and honouring the sacred feminine.

Artwork by @Krystleyez

Lemuria Rising 

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