Fresh Food Storage Bundle


  • Fresh Food Storage Bundle
  • Fresh Food Storage Bundle

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Stop the sog with this non-plastic storage ensemble!

I put this bundle together to take the thinking out of choosing non-plastic alternatives for keeping food fresh.

Basically it's everything you need to eliminate plastic from your fridge/freezer, replacing cling wrap, ziploc bags, baking paper, alfoil, freezer bags and plastic containers.

And I'm very comfortable saying these products are better at keeping food fresher than plastic. You heard me: fresher, for longer.

Bundle consists of:

  • 2 x leak-proof food fresh fridge pouches 
  • 3 x reusable food wraps
  • 6 x stretch lids 
  • 4 x food huggers
  • All made from food-grade, sand-derived silicone
  • 100% non toxic, BPA and plastic free
  • Save money by bundling
  • Save money from the food you're not throwing out cos it lasts longer!
  • Save money by not constantly restocking your cling wrap, baking paper, ziplock bags, freezer bags and tupperware!

Not so much saying good-bye to plastic as SHOUTING IN ITS FACE TO GET OUT!

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