Ethique SuperStar ~ Cleansing Balm and Makeup Remover

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Ethique bars are 100% plastic free, compostable and designed to last three to six times longer regular bottled cleansers!*

Ethique's SuperStar! Cleansing Balm and Makeup Remover is a wonder product that works as a 3-in-1 facial cleanser, make-up remover and moisturiser. This cleanser is ideal for all skin types and is especially nourishing for dry skin. A hydrating formula that clears your skin without leaving a greasy residue. This product is packaged as three individual, oval-shaped bars in a reusable box, with no plastic packaging.

SuperStar! Cleansing Balm and Makeup Remover smooths and softens the skin with its unique blend of active botanical ingredients: Coconut oil, Cocoa butter and Kokum butter. Castor oil's powerful cleansing properties work hard with fresh scented Sweet Orange essential oil to effectively remove make-up and debris, whilst also combating oil and grease. It has been created to cleanse away the dirt of the day including eyebrow gel, tinted moisturiser, liquid eyeliner and mascara. Concentrate on massaging the formula gently into the spots where your skin becomes congested. This wonder bar is designed to leave your skin feeling both fresh and moisturised!

Made in NZ. Certified carbon neutral company. 100% biodegradable. Compostable packaging. Certified Palm oil free. Gluten-free. Certified cruelty free & Vegan.

NB: This product contains no intentional gluten, however Ethique cannot verify the production processes of their suppliers so this product may not suitable for those with extreme gluten sensitivity.

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