Ethique St Clements ~ Shampoo


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Ideal for those of us prone to oily hair and build-up on the scalp, the Ethique St Clements Shampoo Bar is designed to keep your locks feeling fresher and cleaner for longer, working to help eliminate excess oil build-up while promoting strong and healthy hair.

This shampoo bar is free of oil-creating foaming agents. Ethique has harnessed the natural purifying properties of Lime, Sweet Orange, Basil, Rosemary and Juniper to help moderate your hair's oil production, as they cleanse your scalp and leave you with a fresh, sweet-smelling mane.

This solid shampoo has also been instilled with nourishing Cocoa Butter and moisture-drawing humectants, which means there is no need to follow with a conditioner - perfect for those with fine or thin hair who do not want their strands feeling weighed down after each wash.

This shampoo bar is safe to use on colour treated hair.

Each bar is the equivalent of up to three bottles of liquid shampoo.*

Made in NZ. Certified carbon neutral company.
100% biodegradable. Compostable packaging. Certified Palm oil free. Gluten-free. Certified cruelty free & Vegan. * Manufacturer claim NB: This product contains no intentional gluten, however Ethique cannot verify the production processes of their suppliers so this product may not suitable for those with extreme gluten sensitivity.

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