Astra Luna- Botanical Room Spray

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Here at Trader Trove we are passionate about all forms of art and expression; we believe our world would be incredibly dull without our creatives. We are overjoyed that we can invite local artists to showcase their work and share with the wider community their stories, educating our customers about the process, the designs and the time behind each piece.
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Our stunning Botanical Room Sprays not only smell amazing but look amazing too! Our Room Sprays featured a delicate dried flower arrangement in a clear glass jar.  

  • Spray 3-4 times into the centre of the room, avoiding direct contact with delicate materials.
  • Always spot test before spraying onto materials.


  • Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Highly flammable, keep away from naked flames
  • Do not swallow
  • Avoid contact with face and eyes
  • Keep away from pets and children



Kakadu Plum - Kakadu Plum is the perfect tropical fragrance with a subtle base of coconut enriched by the sweet and fruity notes of plum, guava, melon and passionfruit accentuated by fresh lime.

Mango Sorbet - A scorching summer's day relieved by the sweet scent and juicy flavour of an Australian favourite, Mango. Notes of raspberry, mango and lemon zest.

Japanese Honeysuckle - You will be sure to fall in love with our best-selling scent, this most loved floral fragrance will WOW you with its sweet and fruity notes so clear you can almost taste them

Sandalwood & Vanilla -Sandalwood, is an exotic, smooth scent complimented by subtle notes of warm amber, orchid and jasmine with a creamy vanilla overlay.

Lychee and Black Tea-   A beautiful sophisticated scent of black tea complimented by the sweet uplifting scent of juicy lychee. A fresh yet sweet scent.